This book was developed in conjunction with a vast array of experts over several years and what started as a small number of advisors and helpers has developed into what could be the largest collaboration of its kind. By the end of this project we had more than fifty people contributing information and providing expert guidance and support. Because the field of health and ageing is so vast, without this collaboration of scientists, doctors, health professionals and consumers we would never have been able to do it justice. There are many books on the market claiming to help you to slow ageing or even reverse it. Some are good and a handful excellent. The main difference with this book is that through a collaborative effort we’ve been able to provide the evidence when recommending interventions that work to slow ageing and optimise our wellness. We believe we’ve created a foundation for consumers and doctors alike to methodically review how well they and their patients are, given there are no official guidelines. We hope that by building on this work we can eventually provide guidance to the relevant people in the health system on the establishment of best practice guidelines for the delivery of wellness-centred interventions through our current medical channels. Kate Marie and Christopher Thomas are the main authors.  Ananda Mahony and Kris Abbey provided editorial assistance.  Ananda Mahony in particular had significant input on the nutritional planning.  Click here to see the remaining members of the slow ageing collaboration which comprises scientists, health practitioners and other experts.