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Slow down and avoid heartache (this Valentine’s)


December 20, 2009

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The secret formula to slow down ageing


23 November, 2009

Extrawell (supplement in the Herald Sun newspaper Victoria)

Front page, Daniel Hoy

‘Ageing is inevitable, no matter how much Botox you pump into your face. You can’t stop it, but you can do it in style according to a new book’….

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Page 3: Plenty of laughter the best way to age well


6PR talk-back – Western Australia


4BC talk-back – Queensland


20 November, 2009

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18 November, 2009

2UE, Tim Webster

Can we tap into a fountain of youth?

Kate Marie & Prof. Christopher Thomas are co-authors of ‘Fast Living, Slow Ageing – How to Age Less, Look Great & Live Longer’ reveal some very easy tips to ageing gracefully.

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15 November, 2009

.….’The book covers most aspects of ageing, what happens, what we can realistically do about it and how we can measure our progress. It provides strategies and options so we can successfully implement new health behaviours that focus on slowing ageing; behaviours that impact disease prevention, maintenance of structure and function and quality of life. The key thing I learnt was that it is important to not let time run away from you and that you have to find a way to age where you savour your life to the full. It is all about conscious and conscientious living. We can age with vitality. I believe that attitude and conscious engagement in life as we age is the single most important thing whether applied to dealing with muscle loss, decline in brain function, weight management or a hearing loss. Our attitudes really matter because they can lead to proactive health behaviours that can slow ageing.’………

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29 October, 2009

Australian Senior Book Review

…..’From a slow-ageing exercise plan to getting a good night’s sleep or taking care of your hearing, the book provides practical advice — and simple to implement — on lifestyle changes that can help slow down the ageing process. More than 50 experts have collaborated on topics such as nutrition, hormone balance, exercise, and hearing health. “Ageing is, and should be, positive,” said Marie. “Old age can be productive, built on the back of wisdom and skills accrued over many years. Our life’s journey is a wonderful thing and something to be enjoyed.” The book sets out to debunk popular quick-fix methods promoted by the anti-ageing industry and to provide a positive and long-term approach to living longer and healthier.’……….

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