“The human body is not built for an unlimited lifespan.  Yet there are many ways in which we can improve and prolong our health. Fast living, Slow ageing is all about embracing those opportunities.”
Robin Holliday, Author: Understanding Ageing and Aging: the Paradox of Life

“Today in Australia, we eat too much and move too little. But it is our future that will carry the cost.  Our current ‘fast’ lifestyles will have their greatest impact on our prospects for healthy ageing. This book highlights many of the opportunities we all have to make a difference to our outlook, at a personal and social level.”
Professor Stephen Leeder, AO, Director, Menzies Centre for Health Policy, leads policy analysis of healthcare

“Healthy ageing can’t be found in a single supplement, diet or lifestyle change. It takes an integrated approach across a number of key areas, that complement to slowly build and maintain our health. “Fast Living, Slow Ageing” shows how is possible to practically develop these kind of holistic techniques and take control of our futures.”
Professor Marc Cohen, MBBS (Hons), PhD (TCM), PhD (Elec Eng), BMed Sci (Hons), FAMAC, FICAE Professor, founder www.thebigwell.com

“SLOW is about discovering that everything we do has a knock-on effect, that even our smallest choices can reshape the big picture. Understanding that can help us live more healthily, more fully and maybe even longer too. ”
Carl Honoré, Author: In Praise of Slow

“We all know about the dangers of fast food. But food is not the only fast thing that is currently ruining our lives. Slow ageing is about finding important connections in the diet and lifestyle choices we make everyday; and embracing the possibilities for making real changes – to our own lives – in our own way.”
Sally Errey: Best-Selling Author: Staying Alive! Cookbook

“Ageing is determined by the opportunities we take and those we neglect. Fast Living, Slow Ageing is about making the most of these opportunities.”
Dr Joe Kosterich, Author: Dr Joe’s DIY Health, Putting you in charge of your health

“Ageing is a complex process with many different factors combining to determine health and longevity. To slow ageing optimally we also need to combine a range of lifestyle changes, supplements and other activities. This practical book steers us through the many opportunities we have to change our futures for the better.”
Prof Brian J. Morris, PhD DSc, Professor of Molecular Medical Sciences, Basic & Clinical Genomics Laboratory, University of Sydney

“Fast Living, Slow Ageing delivers a combination of well researched strategies from both western medicine and complementary therapies to enhance your wellness.”
Dr Danika Fietz, MBBS, BN (Hons) GP Registrar

“Forget the plastic surgeons, Botox and makeovers! ‘Slow ageing’ is really about the practical choices we make every day to stay healthy, fit and vital, to look great and to feel great today and in the years ahead.”
Dr David Tye, GP, Kingston Family Clinic, South Brighton, SA

“We all know and hope growing old will be part of our lives, although we don’t really want to think about it. In fact ‘old’ is almost a dirty word in lots of people’s minds!  Fast Living, Slow Ageing takes you down the path of doing something about how you age, while at the same time providing you with choices and igniting the awareness to start now and take control of how you can age with grace.”
Ms Robyn Ewart, Businesswoman, Mum and household manager

“Ageing is a natural and beautiful process, which all too often we accelerate through unhealthy attitudes and lifestyle choices.  “Fast living, Slow ageing” is all about redressing that balance by making a commitment to mind, body and spirit; to live the fullness of life while ageing with grace and beauty”.
Stephen Penman, President, Yoga Teachers Association of Australia

“We all want to live longer and healthier lives.  Fast living, Slow Ageing shows how this is really possible with minimal fuss and easy ways to incorporate real and long lasting changes.”
Jennifer Aikman, Senior HR Business Partner (MCIPD) and mother of a 7 year old.

“ I don’t know about you.. but any way that I can be the best I can be as I age is of great value. I enjoyed applying the practical suggestions and gained immediate benefits from making small convenient changes in my life”.
Margo Field, 53 year old mother and businesswoman, founder of  www.goandseemargo.net

“Ageing starts at the cellular level, thus we need to look at the cause and modify this as much as possible. Fast Living, Slow Ageing does this and explains the principles in everyday language.”
Richard Stenlake B.Pharm, M.P.S., M.R.P.S.

“We spend all our life working for the day when we can slow down – only to find that we haven’t taken sufficient care of our body/mind along the way!  If we want to live the dreams we have worked so hard for – it is best to do whatever we can NOW to Slow Ageing.”
Carolinda Witt, Author: The 10-Minute Rejuvenation Plan & Founder & Developer of T5T®, Just 10 minutes per day for health, vitality & wellbeing - www.T5T.com

“Fast Living, Slow Ageing is well researched and offers practical suggestions that are easy to put into practice by those who are determined to make the right choices to stay healthy and age with dignity.”
Rosemary Boon, Psychologist , Nutritionist & Teacher

“When first approached to be involved as a reviewer I worried that this was going to be about all the negatives many associate with ageing – how to stop it, prevent it, or hide it – but it’s turned out to be a celebration – what we can do to make our ageing a rich and rewarding experience.”
Dr Rod Wellard, GP Education Consultant

“We all have to get older.  But this doesn’t need to be a rapid valueless decline. We can all choose a path that maintains vigour and vitality. “Fast Living. Slow Ageing” gives the directions to follow and succeed!”
Dr Chris Moschou, Adelaide-based GP

 “I strongly believe it is our duty to maximise the potential of our brains every day of our lives. For people in their 40s, 50s and 60s, now is the time to really take charge. We are a much larger population compared to the younger people coming through and there is no way they will be able to support us all when we will need it.The longer we can maintain our faculties, the better for us all. If you want to take charge of your brain and enhance your life, this book is a wonderful place to start.”
Nerida Saunders, Senior Psychologist and President of the Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia, and proud grandmother of 4